Citing SFM and datasets

Citing SFM

The recommended citation for Social Feed Manager (i.e., the software) is:

George Washington University Libraries. (2016). Social Feed Manager. Zenodo.

For more guidance on citing SFM, see SFM in Zenodo.

Citing a public dataset

Some SFM collections have been released as public datasets, usually by depositing them in a data repository. (See Releasing public datasets).

Usually the public version will provide guidance on citing. For example, the 2016 United States Presidential Election collection is deposited in Harvard’s Dataverse, which offers the following assistance on citing:


Within SFM, a link may be provided to the public version of a dataset.


Citing your own dataset

To make your dataset citable and reusable by others, you are encouraged to release it as public dataset. (See Releasing public datasets). You are also encouraged to cite SFM within your dataset release and your publication.