API Credentials

Accessing the APIs of social media platforms requires credentials for authentication (also knows as API keys). Social Feed Manager supports managing those credentials.

Most API credentials have two parts: an application credential and a user credential. (Flickr is the exception – only an application credential is necessary.)

It is important to understand how credentials/authentication affect what API methods can be invoked and rate limits. For more information, consult the documentation for each social media platform’s API.

Managing credentials

SFM supports two approaches to managing credentials: adding credentials and connecting credentials. Both of these options are available from the Credentials page.

Adding credentials

For this approach, a user gets the application and/or user credential from the social media platform and provide them to SFM by completing a form. More information on getting credentials is below.

Connecting credentials

For this approach, SFM is configured with the application credentials for the social media platform. The user credentials are obtained by the user being redirected to the social media website to give permission to SFM to access her account.

SFM is configured with the application credentials in the docker-compose.yml. If additional management is necessary, it can be performed using the Social Accounts section of the Admin interface.

This is the easiest approach for users. Configuring application credentials is encouraged.

Platform specifics


Twitter credentials can be obtained from https://apps.twitter.com/. It is recommended to change the application permissions to read-only. You must provide a callback URL, but the URL you provide doesn’t matter.


For instructions on obtaining Weibo credentials, see this guide.

To use the connecting credentials approach for Weibo, the redirect URL must match the application’s actual URL and use port 80.


Flickr credentials can be obtained from https://www.flickr.com/services/api/keys/.

Flickr does not require user credentials.


Tumblr credentials can be obtained from https://www.tumblr.com/oauth/apps.